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More Class

I dropped off at Baha Grill on the way to class. I ordered a single chicket taco. The woman behind the counter looked at me in surprise. I only wanted ONE. I wasn't that hungry, as I haven't been hungry for a few days. I just wanted enough to tide me over through class. Still, it's odd to be a weirdo by just asking for a small bite to eat. As it turned out, they served the taco with chips, so I had a nice little dinner.

I dropped by Tower Records. I picked up the Wizard of Oz soundtrack for $8. Oh my, how I love this soundtrack. It's so fun. I love the joyous song the munchkins sing about death, revelling in the death of the Wicket Witch. It is so non-pc.

With Sept. 11 happening tommorow, the security at work will be a bit high. I am sure that all the over-sentimentalizing will get to me. I'm a 1st ammendment supporter, and I really like all the first 10 ammendments alot, too. I feel like this government of ours has lost track of all our own democratic principals. We've been arresting people in secret, trying them in secret, sentencing them in secret, and even holding people without charges. Doesn't this strike you as odd? I was told that this is what the communists did in Russia. The fact that we can draw this parallel disturbs me greatly.

I was intimidated about talking about this war a year ago. It was unpatriotic to not talk about it. Not any more. I am of the opinion that dropping bombs on people is immoral, no matter who is doing it. Yes, I understand that we have good reason. That doesn't mean I have to like it.

Okay, I'm off my soapbox. I will be a lousy patriot, standing for such things as open government, the Constitution, and the rule of law.

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