Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


I took a few days off at the end of last week while Jenny was away to get sunshine, play Skyrim SE, and get tasks done.

Accomplished tasks:

* The other week I clipped many branches off neighbor's tree. I finished cutting them up and forming them into a pile. Now, it's just a matter of sending them off with organic recycling.

* I installed my daughter's new bed frame. Jenny had salved it from a front yard, but I found that it didn't fit. I had to drill holes and attach other wooden bit for it to work. (It was free, so I couldn't waste any money.) The results look good. Meanwhile, the cat was utterly beside himself when he saw that I had attacked and killed the bed, leaving the corpse (frame) in the hallway. He really really wanted his high spot back. As of today, he appears to have resigned himself to this indignity.

* Moved the wireless router from the basement corner to the laundry room in a effort to even out the signal.

* I made Jenny her birthday dinner, which was beef stroganoff. (I used cashew cream in place of sour cream.) The whole thing came off ridiculously well (and at $15 a pound for sirloin, it had better have come out well).

* Daylight savings time. Not a clock in the house was changed. Bah humbug.

* Swapped in my daughter's new (to her) computer. She's been playing Skyrim on my computer like a (gamer) maniac. I hope to get my computer back soon. Minecraft on her computer now runs smooth as glass. 60fps baby.

* Special breakfast was mint chocolate chip pancakes.

* The bread for this week came out so-so.


* I now need to salvage the SSD out of her old PC and install Ubuntu onto it. It will become my Linux partition. My old 1tb Linux drive will become my dual-OS storage strive, as soon as I can back it up, reformat it, then restore all the data.

* Clean up the last few project messes in the basement.

* Yank the trundle bed back upstairs and slide it under the new bed. (Hopefully it fits, but you know how measurements lie.)

* Beat my wife until she finishes her novel.

* Do this week's laundry. (I delayed as Jenny was away.)
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