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Spoiled Children

I asked myself today, "Do spoiled children actually exist?"

I know that we, as parents, want to avoid, that, but considering how few spoiled children I've seen (none in recent memory), I'm beginning to think that they're legendary creatures.

Partly, I think that spoiled children are a term of authoritarian culture, and that authoritative culture sees the issue differently. "Spoiled children" mostly makes sense when the authority demands conformity to the authority.

As for "doing everything that the kid wants", what parent can do that? Most of aren't rich enough to say yes to everything even if we are permissive liberal wimps. We have no choice but to say no on things, and in that, we have a practical, real-world brake on most spoiling. Perhaps if I was rich I could spoil my child, but only if I'm rich.

I now put "spoiling children" into the same realm as werewolves and vampires: horror stories for parents.


Feb. 28th, 2017 12:40 pm (UTC)
So, your tenet is that if someone expects someone else to conform to the rules of society that they are authoritarian and further that only authoritarians can see a child as spoiled?

The way you are phrasing things is implying to me that:
1) You see no spoiled children
2) Since you see none, you believe that they don't exist
3) When others see them/comment on them the others are authoritarian
3a) Because they are authoritarian they see a problem that does not exist.

Given that authoritarianism implies tyranny and absolute obedience, I don't think that it is the best word to use.

You would say that children who hit or bite others, who won't clean up their toys, who expect dinner to be left at their door, etc. are "parent problems". If the behaviors are acceptable, why are they problems? If they are not acceptable, why not and why parent problem rather than parent spoiling the child?