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It was a party weekend and a family weekend with us, so this meant cleaning up the house. We had a bunch of 10 year old girls staying the night. In good news, this meant that Jenny finally cleaned up all her projects slouching about the basement.

To my good fortune, the bathtub clogged on Friday. This was good because the tub has a clog, but I hadn't been able to get to it. With it fully clogged, was able to use a shop vac to suck the clog out, and boy oh boy, what a wad of hair had been down there. I think this is the clod of hair that came with the house, so now that terribly draining tub is draining the fastest that I've ever seen it drain.

Meanwhile, Saturday was ridiculously warm, with the forsythia's beginning to bloom and an several cherries in full blossom. Spring a month early, thank you global warming.

For the party, Jenny arranged a "Wings of Fire" game for the birthday girl, beginning with some dragon coloring. Once everybody got their sheets, they went through a series of challenges, cumulating in a bunch of adults/relatives (frost giants) getting beat up by the dragons. Good fun was had.

Cutting the ice cream cake turned into a substantial challenge as that cake part just wouldn't cut. Meanwhile, I have a bunch of eager ten year olds around each asking for a specific piece and I'm trying to not chop off either bits of myself or bits of my guests.

We ordered pizza for the girls. They ate some, but didn't wolf down as much as we had anticipated, and none of the pepperoni. (I thought that some kids would have chosen pepperoni. I was wrong. They were terribly spoiled children because they didn't eat the pepperoni. Oh, well, more for the adults.)

On Sunday, I slouched about, did laundry, let the girl play all day on her computer, and played all day on my own. This week's bread was a plain whole wheat.
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