Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Long Weekend

It's in-law visiting time here in chez home. On Saturday night, we had over John (in from Singapore), as well as Mark and Izzy, and Tony and his daughter Aggie.

My wife's mom and Ed flew down on Sunday, so I went to pick them up. While there, I swung by my old neighborhood, getting a gander of the place. Many things haven't changed, or if they've changed, I've changed as much as they have. Mostly, I'm struck by the lack of big trees in front yards. Were there more there at one time or is the neighborhood just weird that way? It might just be fashion.

Jenny took Joy and Aggie to an SCA event, where the girls got to run amok and she worked on her youth marshall creds. The week was madness as she worked on stuff to get ready, including sewing a second set of youth armor and buying all sorts of stuff so that Aggie could thwack people, too,

With Presidents' Day this morning, and the inlaws sleeping over, I made lemon poppyseed muffins. I could have used a second lemon, and the poppy seeds should have been unground, but I don't care. They came out good enough to eat.

I was able to deploy the new bookshelf for the in-laws. That's good, because when they get over, I need to move stuff out of my office, so my need for shelf space goes up. However, before, I had to put my empty shelf into the bedroom fro the in-laws. Now that is rectified.
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