Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend and March

I sent my girls off to march at the Women's Rally on Saturday. Even with a cold, Jenny tromped on with DesignGirl, eventually breaking off early and arriving back at two. According to them, getting off the metro anywhere near the march was something of a challenge. They never did meet up with our church group, but they had a grand time anyway, meeting up with other folks.

Jenny's been knitting lately, producing quite a few hats. She has materially contributed to the shortage of pink yarn.

I spent Saturday playing far too much Fallout 4.

Did you know that round knitting looms are medieval? Yup. Who knew!

We've had folks over all weekend. On Friday, we had Xpioti, her brood, and her parents over for tamales. They helped make them and eat them. All was successful.

On Saturday, Tony and daughter came over. He brought his home made chicken sausage. More food eaten.

Sunday was a manic clean up day, get DesignGirl to a pool party day, a church day, and most importantly, a church pot-luck day. Jenny made way too much chicken and dumplings, though, so we're having my friend Colleen over tonight.

I completed a few projects on the project table. Our bathroom has been missing that piece of wood that goes between the bedroom and the tile. I finally replaced that, which has been missing since we moved in four years ago. I also had a caned chair with bad caning, so I formed some boards to take the place of the caning. It worked well enough to use.
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