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Stories on Demand

Over the last year, my daughter has gotten some fun stories on demand. Earlier in the year, she was hearing Middle Earth High School stories from my wife. They've moved onto dragon stories, riffing off Wings of Fire.

I've been telling Equestrian Girls and Star Wars Highs stories.

The resemblance of these stories to Teenages From Outer Space RPG is not merely coincidental, but I didn't plan on these stories to wind up this way.

The Equestria Girls element is pretty much what it is. There wasn't much to change. Recently, Rarity has come up with a fabulosity power. "I am one with fabulosity. Fabulosity is with me." Or "I felt a disruption in fabulosity." Either way, this allows her to hit only green lights and always find a parking place with 4 hours left on the meter.

Sunset has the running gag that she's always assigned the dullest, dumbest job. She also has a welding torch that she uses to make stuff, which often makes her overpowered.

Everyone likes Fluttershy. EVERYONE. Anyone with any authority looks at her, determines that she's innocent or perfectly welcome, and leaves her be.

Twilight is super-science girl. There's not much need to change her.

Meanwhile, Star Wars High is screwier.

Prince Luke is a spoiled, whiney, fat prince of Alderaan, with all the girls wanting to marry his winy ass. The leader of these girls if Buffy Tarkin, who leads her white clad fanclub members (the troopettes) in her mad plans to marry Luke, or otherwise prevent someone else from marrying him.

Leah is learning to be a jedi from vice-principal Obi-Wanda Kenobi and Principal Yoda. Meanwhile, there's assistant-superintendant Vader who's more trouble than anybody wants.

Hannah Solo lives on her own, having an apartment above The Worst Pizza Place in Town (that's it's name). She's always scraping for money, coming up with clever plans. Her best friend is a wookie girl named Chewbacca, who's on the school couch-throwing team, and who wants to be a professional ballerina when she gets out of school.

A recent addition is the overly-slick transfer student from Cloud City, Lando.

Underneath the school live the Jawa janitors, led by the most fearsome Jawa of all, Jawa the Hutt.

Jar-Jar binks is a perennial friend of Luke's, who shows up only to ruin everything, constantly. In these stories, Jar-Jar works unfathomably well as a comedic character.

That's my brain dump for now.
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