Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

The Saga of Jury Duty

When it comes to Jury Duty, you can't avoid the truck. Sooner or later, your number comes up with a vengence. I am now sitting on a multi-day criminal trial.

I felt like putting on the appropriate costume for this day out. I figured that I might be overdressed, but I put on a shirt and tie for this event. It couldn't hurt.

The judicial center is in downtown Rockville. I parked for the day at the cinema lot, expecting that $6 is okay for all day parking. It is under normal circumstances, but we'll get back to that.

The jury room is on the 4th floor. There are vast numbers of chairs. They seat you all, then give you the standard jury room lecture. They show you a video about jury duty, and how it's an important part of democracy. In fact, it's so important, that all the troops in foreign countries are not as important as those citizens serving our countries in the courtroom. (Quite honestly, I don't belief that troops protect democracy. They protect sovereignty. In this case, it's an elective government. Voting, jury duty, poll judging, and participation promotes democracy.)

I was called on the second round of people. I figured out two things. If they want to know your name, and they call forty people, it's most likely a criminal trail. And there you go, that's what we had.

When it came time for excusory questions, I batted zero. I had no reason to talk to the judge. (He's a very well spoke judge, too. He'd have a terrific NPR radio voice.) As things proceeded, and people were struck from those to be seated, we reached the end of that little process, and I found myself on an est. 5 day criminal trial.

I'd love to talk about it. I can't. You know the routine.

It's a comfy courtroom. The audience chairs have red seats. The jury seats are all cushy gray seats. The center of the courtroom is circular, including this large, circular light piece above the room. The fixture looks rather Star-Trekish.

The Judge's assistant is a hot middle-eastern chick. Whoohoo. Eye candy. She has a nice nose, too. I like prominant noses.

At least I can wedge in MacOSX server studying during the breaks. It's not much, but that means that I'll always be fresh for a new thing.

If this trial does go long, I'll get a bit mad and buy that Mac anyway. If I don't get a vacation, I get a toy. On the other hand, if I pass my server exam, I'll still get myself a toy. I can then start studying for the Mac engineering exams. Heheheh. But I'll also try to pick up an A+ cert, just for the fun of it.


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