Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

File Recovery

My wife's Christmas present is file recovery. She has a pile of floppies and I had know-how, so I bought a floppy reader and recovered about 30 floppies, most of which still worked just fine. As some were Mac floppies, I had to use my Mac, using a weird trick where I had to plug in and remove the reader with every disk. Odd, but it worked well enough.

I also recovered three Zip-100 disks. I walked about work until I found somebody with a Zip-250 USB reader and borrowed it for the evening, finding only one corrupt file.

I still have a short stack of disks that I want to look at a second time, but otherwise, I got through most of this project in one night. Not too shabby.

Next, I need to deliver the results.
Tags: family

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