Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

New Year

I've not written in a bit, so I'll fill in Christmas and the New Year.

After a wonderful Christmas at home, we hauled up to New Jersey for a Christmas with my wife's mom. All went generally well, if unamazingly. We had a small snafu because Judy ordered a Christmas present for me from my Amazon wish list, a Amazon Echo, which I didn't want and didn't ask for. Somehow, she had found the wrong me on Amazon. Sorry, wrong Doug Milewski, I got your present. We straightened that out and she bought me a few fitted shirts instead.

For the New Year, we made our usual run of Chinese style dumplings. Yum. Always yum. Other than that, we all went to sleep early because we're wusses.

I ended the year having written 55 book reviews. The first book up for the new year is the Mists of Avalon.

My bookshelf painting project continues. After refining my clay again, I now have an almost dry powder, far finer than I had before. This stuff should really grind down to nothing. This technique produced far better results than my first technique.

We got a load of leaf litter early in the summer. Now, it's almost all gone from the driveway and I've been putting it onto our various beds. Almost gone. A little more work, and the pile will be gone, which is good as winter is here and sooner or later, we'll get a snow.

The car has been late for emissions testing. The engine light finally went off in New Jersey, but came back on once I got home. Drat. Today, it finally went off, so I took the car to emissions testing and made it through. Yay.
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