Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


We had a party weekend, or what amounts to a party weekend for us (assuming that Church stuff can be called partying).

Carol Sing happened on Saturday night. Potluck happened. Carols were sung. No mistletoe to ambush my wife with, nor hot cider, but everyone was there for the carols, not the cider.

On Saturday, we made sugarplums.

On Sunday morning, we performed the Christmas pageant, and it rolled off just fine. The congregation enjoyed it. We'll perform it a second time before Christmas.

On Sunday night, it was another church pot luck, this time for our geographical area. Food, wine, and figgy pudding.

In horrible news, the caramel sauce for the figgy pudding spilled all over the floor of my car. That left me rather short tempered and agitated. Not only did we have to clean that all up (thank you, my wife), but all that caramel sauce went to waste.
Tags: family

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