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We saw two shows over the weekend.

On Friday, we went to see Christmas Revels on rehearsal night, who once again achieved their usual quality with a Norwegian show. I enjoyed the varied costumes (they weren't all brown, like Hollywood), which gave each person, also highly varied in age and looks, a character without having to become a character. (This is in contrast to Hollywood, which dresses all background characters as interchangeable mud.) Their Mother Earth pupped elicited a universal "AHH" from the audience as the thing soared fifteen feet high. On the minus side, the show went on forever, then we got home very late.

On Saturday night, we saw a ballet of The Nutcracker at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre. My daughter had a friend in the show, so we went. What a joy community ballet is. Unlike top tier ballet, where every dancer looks the same, here, every dancer looked different and spanned many races and ages. The choreographer didn't have the ballet company she wanted, she had the ballet company that she had, so she worked with it. One of the men was this guy with no grace on stage whatsoever, but he was visibly strong and he could hoist a woman onto his shoulders. (So guys, if you're strong, you too can pick up and carry around beautiful women with unspeakable flexibility.) I particularly like the party scene, with its wonderful and smooth choreography better than the back half where the show is just one dance after another.

Meanwhile, at church, we're busy with pageant rehearsals. We're doing a sillier show this year, where the actors keep misunderstanding the Bible's strange use of English.

On Sunday, we also put the tree up.

On my folding shelf restoration project, I finished rebuilding the sidebars, which are horribly twisted. I've begun building the shelves and dug out the clay for homemade paint.