Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


This was a long weekend.

On Thursday, we had Jenny's Dad, Sally, Ryan, Mark, and Izzy over for Thanksgiving.

I made two pies for the feast. Both tasted good, but had issues. The crust was too tough (because I overworked the dough) and underdone (because I don't know why). I'll need to make notes. I've already hit YouTube to pick up more tips and tricks.

In contrast, my dinner rolls came out heavenly. Yay, dinner rolls.

On Friday, we had a family outing to Moana, followed by a session at the paint your own pottery place. I thought Moana rather pretty. The plot was rather stock but well done and the whole thing had a heaping helping of heart.

On Saturday, we spent more time with Jen's family, down in Georgetown, playing a room escape game. If we really had to live, we would have died, but we got through 90%+ of the puzzle without help. Some technical issues with the room confounded us for another 5%, and the last 5% was genuinely getting stuck.

On Sunday, we did church, followed by another film, Fantastic Creatures, this one with Jen's family. We also discovered that there was a movie theater near to church, which means we could park, church, movie, and home. This may change our movie habits.

Meanwhile, there was Black Friday, where I picked up Fallout 4 four $20. Yes, that's my price range.
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