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Busy Week

This has been an unexpectedly busy week. Just stuff, ya know?

I've been watching woodworking videos getting ready to make an electric guitar. I feel like my woodworking teachers taught me nothing, because I'm on the remedial videos learning how to sharpen and do other basic things. I should have learned this shit in school. Damn, my woodworking classes sucked. (Well, considering that they were filled with high school students, this only makes sense.)

This week, I sharpened my chisels and they came out sharpened. Yay. There's stuff about all this basic equipment that I didn't know and wasn't obvious. Finally, I have sharp. Those knife sharpening videos that I watched were one thing, but woodworkers, they live and breathe sharp, and those really kicked ass.

I don't know why I didn't look into these before. Maybe they didn't exist? Or did I just look wrong?

Next, I'll need to get some wood for practicing. Lots to do.