Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

More Household Adventures

The slow gutting of the basement continues. On working on the far wall, I discovered a place with insect damage. Huh? That place is nowhere near where I expected to find critter damage. I have no idea how that place became a hotbed of critter activity.

Oh, so many surprises yet to come.

Tomorrow is Jury Duty. More on that as it happens.

I am wrestling with buying another Mac. I still need to study and pass the MaxOSX server exam to get my full certification. The $1,000 iBook is a good value and space saver if I wish to use it as a server. The silly thing is, it would be faster than my current iBook, but not have a combo drive. (I really did do well last year when I found this fellow, with combo drive, for $1k.) Part of me say, "Oh, Doug, that's wasteful." The other part of me says, "Yes, that's practical." I'll think about it.

There's that part of me that wants the dual 1.25's with the cinema display. Wowsers. But that's alotta money for a little fun. If I can find myself a Mac admin position, then it's worth my money to live the Mac life. Then again, I'd be temped to get an XServe. Whohoo.

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