Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

How to Convince Anyone of Anything

The way to convince anyone of anything is to listen. You cannot convince someone of an argument before you know what they value. To learn what they value, you must listen to them. Once you know that, you can demonstrate how something else works with their values even better.

So listen.

That much said, there are caveats. Insults, treating people like they're stupid, assuming positions, degrading, and such, these are ways to harden someone against you. If the person feels like you are attacking them, their friends, their families, or the things close to their hearts, they can and will shut you out. If they feel that you've been superficial just to convince them, they will shut you out. You can't just pretend to play this game, you have to actually listen, learn, and understand.

None of this will score you points. None of this will guarantee you success.
Tags: opinionating

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