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Douglas Milewski


I was thinking about the election this weekend. Through gerrymandering, constant smearing of the popular candidate, an angry electorate, and a second year incumbent, the Republicans were in place to achieve their trifecta. All they had to do was to nominate a moderate candidate for president to seize the center, and they could have held all major government branches. They could have done this.

Instead, they walked to a parking lot in Cleveland, Ohio and blew their collective brains out.


Their candidate is so bad that he is eroding all their work, putting the Senate into the play, and the Democrats now have their eyes on the House. At this rate, the Republicans may achieve the wrong trifecta, giving Democrats victory.

Just astonishing.

Personally, I don't expect Democratic trifecta, but I do expect a Democratic Senate majority, and with it, the end of the filibuster. (I regret the necessity of its removal, but as the filibuster has been weaponized, it has ceased to be a tool of the minority, instead turning into the rule of the minority.)
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