Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Wet Weekend

There's been rain, and rain, and rain, and finally, a little sun.

On Sunday, I sent Jenny off to Europe. Her dad lectures on cruise ships, and now he's able to bring along guests for the trip. This time around, it's my wife. She's off to Rome, then onto a cruise ship, where she visits more of Italy, North Africa, Spain, and Portugal. Eventually she will wend her way back to us.

Meanwhile, I'm the dad on duty. Fortunately, I'm not one of those useless fucking men who can't do shit. Jenny left many last minute things undone, which means I have cooking and planting to do. Many seedlings need transplanting for the autumn and winter gardens. Meanwhile, I need to make some stuff.

Yesterday was a school holiday, so I took the time to return some clothes, get most of the transplanting done, make a pie crust and two pot pies, with filling for a third, host a playdate, scrub the kitchen floor, vacuum the cars and wash their windows, make a loaf of raisin bread, and figure out why Skyrim isn't loading its mods.

On Sunday was the family get-together. The annual eating of the crabs. I made pickles and an apple pie. I'm rather pleased with how the apple pie turned out. So was the family. The last time that I made apple pie, 1/2 tsp of cinnamon was too wimpy, so 1 tsp turned out rather well. Next time around, some nutmeg. Maybe I'll make a second one this weekend, just for us.

While at the crab eating, my 3-year old nephew followed me into the bathroom. They do that. It was weird, but then I remembered that, yes, they do that at that age. My daughter used to join me the same way, so he watched me go with curiosity, but I had to keep him from touching. I did my best at being a good role model because he's in the middle of potty training. He needs to see that adults do the doo, too.

On Friday night, we ate at the pho place. My daughter goes into the game store, fawns over the pretty dice, and wants the Pokemon collectible card game. WE DIDN'T TEACH HER THIS. This is all her own geekery welling up.

In reading, I'm stuck on Downbelow Station. Damn, getting into this book is like hammering through a log.
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