Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

New Video Card

I picked up a new video card for the PC. This one is an Nvidia 750ti. While not top of the line, it's tops in pixels:$$$ ratio. Minecraft with shaders went from 7 frames/sec up to 13 frames/sec. That's about double the previous performance.

Yes, I'd love a card that really, really pumps the pixels, but I'll take what I can afford, especially as my PC is now four years old and I'm a year overdue for a new one. I've designed the new one a few times already, but I haven't yet built it.

My plan is as follows: upgrade the existing machine with new parts as far as possible. Once I have the parts assembled, I put the old motherboard/Windows 10 license in a different case, gifting that to my daughter.

I can pick up the power supply and case piecemeal. I have a spare DVD drive and video card.

At the moment, my parts list exceeds my cash, so I won't be done this project for a while.

In truth, I should be using my cash to seek a Bookbub ad, but that's the curse of self-publishing if you don't have traction. You never have enough for anything.
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