Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend Update

So, Doug, how was your weekend when you weren't fixing villages in Minecraft an amplified survival world? Easy, I was making roads through impossible terrain.

Other than that, I finished the next Pabi novel. Yay. I'm still not settled on titles, but I think that this one will be "Maid of Shadow." That makes the next one "Maid of Hope." Mostly, it's hope because hope is really what the characters in this series need.

I've begun reviewing edits on Double Jack. Aside from a few BIG RED SCRIBBLES, it's small stuff. I'll wade through the small stuff, as usual, then wrestle with the big stuff.

Then there's the Art Deco series that I'm working on. It's going together quickly. I've learned more about Art Deco than I thought.
Tags: family

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