Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Art Deco 101

Art Deco is a wonderful art form. I love it immensely. Go on the internet and search for a picture of Art Deco and you'll find pages of them with no trouble. You can easily find any number of societies dedicated to them. However, if you want to produce Art Deco, or reproduce it, the number of references out there plummet to nothing. Everybody loves Art Deco but nobody talks about creating it.

I'm here to rectify that. Join me on this perilous journey back to the days of paper and pencil, where the men of the past designed the future. My self-appointed task isto figure out how to create and recreate designs in Art Deco. What follows is what I learned.

How to Draw Art Deco

What is Art Deco?
What Isn't Art Deco?
Art Deco vs Art Nuveau
Practicality (if you build it, it must work)
Measurement Systems (and their affect on designs)
Locating Points and Geometric Relationships
Differences Between Analog and Vector Graphic Software
Adding up the angles
Materials Matter
Negative Space [very preliminary]
Symmetry and Assymetry
Repetition and Themes
Hierarchy and Layers
Lines and Line Weights
Shapes and Their Uses [very preliminary]
Purpose Dictates Feeling
Architectural Rhythm
Art Deco vs Art Deco-esque
Changing Times and Art Deco Trends
The Fall of Art Deco
Origins of Art Deco: Orientalism and China
Origins of Art Deco: Styles of the Day
- Origins of Art Deco: art nuveau
- Origins of Art Deco: industrial design
- Origins of Art Deco: the assembly line
- Origins of Art Deco: not the assembly line
Origins of Art Deco: A Display of Modern Power
- Deco or Not Deco? Studies in the art.
Art Deco in the Auto Industry
- Better pages than mine (great resources for art deco from people who know what they're talking about)
Study of Arches
Study of Rays
Study of Radio
Study of Doors
Study of Overlapping Ellipses and Fans
Study of Luke's X-34 Landspeeder

Douglas Milewski is a fantasy writer who liked drafting class too much. In his recent artistic struggles to produce art deco for his own covers, he found no internet sites dedicated to the technical underpinnings of the art. Seeing a niche that needed filling, he has documented his hard learned experiences. He doesn't claim that he's right, and would very much appreciate it if someone more competent would save him from his own folly.
Tags: artdeco

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