Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend Story

My daughter wanted me to tell an Equestrian Girls story where they girls went into Star Wars. This turned into one of those stories where the characters messed up the story, and in doing so, made the story work better and make more sense.

D2-D2 stood for Rarity2-Deluxe2, an astro-decoration droid. She worked with Fluttershy as Shy-3PO. And Applejack came from a Tattoine Crabapple farm to become a jedi. Naturally, Rainbow Dash was Han Solo. That left Twilight for super-science Princess Leah in a labcoat, Pinki Pie as Piebacca, and Sunset Shimmer as Kenobi (who doesn't die at all). Zecora was Yoda.

The characters were so smart that they defeated the tracking device at the end of New Hope, which meant that the Death Star never got destroyed. That meant that at the end of Jedi, they went up against the original Death Star, so we I didn't even need a second one manufactured.

"Why are we using air speeders against Imperial Walkers when we have X-Wings? Anybody?"

I chose Derpy as Lando Calrissian. Only after I made the choice did I realize that Lando was responsible for all the modifications to the Falcon, and then it all just made sense.

As for Applejack's family, they were frozen in Coffee-ite and sold to Jabba the Hut because somebody had to get rescued from Jabba.

And then there was a running gag where Leah kept stealing Darth Principal's shuttle. That proved very handy when they snuck onto Endor.

All in all, those stories were fun enough in telling that we're still laughing about them this morning.
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