Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

New York, New York!

We spent the week in New York City. Imagine that.

We stayed at Jenny's Mom's house in NJ and commuted in. The drive up on Saturday was hell as my AC couldn't keep up with the heat. That was a mighty hot day.

On Sunday, we went to the East Village to visit shops, as DesignGirl had heard about boutiques but never seen any. While there, we bought her ice cream made on super-cold plates, then scraped up into spiral cylinders. I'm glad that she got to eat. We wrapped up at The Strand bookstore.

On Monday, we woke early for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Jenny was supposed to come along, as she had always missed the Statue of Liberty trips while she was growing up (native syndrome), but her mom needed some logistical help, so she worked through that. DesignGirl and I woke early to catch the first ferry over, slacked about Ellis Island, then hopped over to the Old Lady. We went up the pedestal and looked about, but didn't have tickets to the crown. Quite honestly, neither of us would have made it up those spiral stairs.

I kept missing Jenny as we went through. She would have glommed onto every story, sucking down the milk of human interest until the tits were dry.

On Tuesday, we visited the American Museum of Natural History. They had rebuilt the dinosaur section, very prettily indeed, so I took many pictures. After the dinosaurs, DesignGirl wanted to see the gems and minerals, where she had a geo-gasm looking at everything.

On Wednesday, we visited Coney Island. It felt like a normal beach town to me. We rode some rides but didn't bother with the beach part. We also bought $60 worth of candy from the candy place. Yowsa! I picked up a bag of caramel corn, butterrum Life Savers in a roll (a real roll! I haven't seen one of those in years), and a pack of candy cigarettes. (Eat corn starch ye' political correctness SJF's!)

Thursday we hit the Empire State Building, then a Stars Wars costume exhibit, followed by the Lego Store, where DesignGirl got something great. Jenny split off and went to the cloisters.

By the time that we got home on Friday, we had three cups of blueberries waiting for us. Yeesh!
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