Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Non-Spaghetti Night

I would have LOVED to go sit on a nice sofa, eat spaghetti, and watch a bad movie. That would be nice. Instead, I haul crap out of the basement, vaccuum water, and move other crap about in an eternal shuffle.

Wanna know what the horrid part of a wet basement is? It's never finished. Grrr.

I adored the sun as it came out in the evening yesterday. This cheered me immensely.

A co-worker suggested a dehumidifier in the basement, along with setting it next to the pump. The trick: don't use the tray. Who cares if the floor gets more wet? The pump is already there.

I want dry shoes again.

The last few months of making the house more space efficient is paying off. I am now amazed at how much crap I have in the living room and the computer room.

Looks like the flood is dimishing. The influx of water is much slower today. Yay. I also cleared the floor.

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