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We have an increasingly edible yard, which means that the animals eat more of it every year, but we learn how to keep more every year. This year, we did well with the three sisters bed (corn, squash, beans), and we'll hopefully get some results. The tomatoes, on the other hand, got moved to outside the fence and are nibbled continuously, and on top of that, not irrigated. She also pulled out quite a few carrots that have been lingering in the bed since the autumn.

Jenny's led the charge against the weeds that have threatened the apple trees. I foolishly let them bear fruit, which you aren't supposed to do. Both trees seems to have peaked, so picked what we had and then pruned them, because having a tree bend over backwards is very bad for the tree. Normally you prune in the winter, but I didn't want the issue to linger.

To go with the weeded trees was a basement full of cardboard boxes and a driveway full of mulch. We wrapped up that project in the weekend, with Jenny putting down the cardboard and me hauling much. By GOD, I love my new five-prong pitchfork. It's made working with mulch easy-peasy. Jenny saved what wineberries she could, as the birds love to eat them, but they'll come back, along with all the ivy from the neighbor's yard, so we'll get to work at this again next year. Yay?

Meanwhile, the blueberry bed's hit round two of blueberries, and on Saturday, gave us an entire pint. Wow. Seriously. I'm used to half a cup or maybe one cup if things were rocking, but not a pint. Now we have to eat them.

The kale continues to love us, growing with great gusto. This year, Jenny's remembering to cook with the kale, so we're getting lots of good stuff. And the kale keeps growing, so yay.

Over the last few weeks, I've attacked the side of the house. It had gotten overgrown as well, threatening the AC unit. I got over the big stuff, but there's still more to do. I have roots to dig out.

The queen anne's lace continues its hostile takeover of the front yard. Does nothing stop that weed? The stuff is incredible.
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