Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


On Saturday, I labored. The job was moving the mulch to the back yard. The best thing that I did was to buy a decent pitch fork, which greatly eased the work.

In cooking, I produced a loaf of raisin bread and blueberry pancakes. The family likes both. I'll need to do some work on the raisin bread. I've lost my ability to get bread to rise well. I've been blowing the skill on every loaf for a month.

On Saturday night, we went down to Virginia for a pot luck.

On Sunday, we went over a friends house to watch her kid as his overnight childcare fell through. That visit lasted all day. The girls played and played, and somehow didn't kill themselves. When I left for home, I took all the swim stuff, as my wife was staying over to get our friend's daughter to camp the next morning. Much to my deepest ire, Jen had left her keys in the swim back. That meant turning around and driving all the way back into Virginia just before bed time. Any later, and I would have risked falling asleep at the wheel or hitting any number of lunatics who showed up that drive who loved crossing while the light was green.

Today, DesignGirl is off to adventure camp to do whitewater rafting.

I had left all the permission for adventure camp by the door, but my daughter wanted to look at them. She then left the forms on the sofa, and I proceded for forget them. Thankfully she asked about the folder, so we were able to turn around and retrieve them.
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