Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


With swim season over, there was no swim meet this weekend. I celebrated by making banana bread for breakfast, which DesignGirl declared absolutely delicious. (We had all these bananas going bad, y'know?)

The swim team banquet was Saturday night. DesignGirl got a towel award, as she improved her time every meet for six weeks. Yay, girl! In fact, the team gave out 13 towel awards, which is the most that they've ever given out. Even weirder, they had 50 kids on the pre-team (those who can't swim well enough yet for the main team), which usually has 10-20 kids.

I made orange fluff for the banquet. At first, I was worried because nobody was eating the fluffy. When I went back there to check not half of it was gone. What's wrong with kids these days that they don't eat orange fluff? Well, somebody discovered that it was good as they had done everything but lick the pan when I checked a second time. YES! Better yet, we didn't have to take any home.

The real high-five goes to Meg, who made her mashed-potato and meatloaf cake. Bake a round meatloaf, cover it with purple mashed potatoes, and pipe on white mashed potatoes. It really did look like a cake. And who can go wrong with meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

I was a weeding fool over the weekend. In addition to mowing the lawn, I had to get the weeds away from the AC unit. It's too hot to block the air flow. After quite a bit of work, I had half (maybe 2/3) of the side bed cleared out. I also cleared more from the fig tree, and more from the blueberry bed. At this point, I still have lots and lots to do.

Between all that, I played too much Final Fantasy X. It was my go-to game all day. At this point, I'm grinding up AP by collecting monsters for the monster arena.

DesignGirl finished my Final Fantasy inspired story. She loved it, but now wants MORE. Marketing research was a success.

This week's raisin bread loaf proofed too long. (That baker terminology for rising.) Next week's raising bread will proof far less.

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