Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
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The weekend went quieter than most weekend.

For Friday pot luck, I made jello and cottage cheese stuff. You know what I mean. I forgot the crushed pineapple, but it still should have been edible. Unfortunately, the kids didn't know the stuff at all. Even worse, pot luck got started half and hour later than normal, meaning that the jello stuff went semi-liquid. The kids and even the adults avoided it. Such as sad fate for a much beloved dish.

Jenny and DesignGirl went off to the beach with friends for a few days. I stayed home and minded the cat. I also ground away at Final Fantasy X.

During the week, I've been on a new writing project. I banged out 10k words on a Final Fantasy inspired story, one harkening back to the old days of sprite based Final Fantasy III through VI. I've been working out the background details with DesignGirl (who named all the characters.) There will be crystals, summonable things, flying ships, tech and magic mixed willy-nilly, and ancient civilization, a big bad enemy, rulers who are lying to you, and all sorts of the usual stuff. Play through any turnkey JRPG, and you'll know all the major movements of the plot. I'm almost done the second pass (the pacing needed a few tweaks), but I'm fairly satisfied with the fluffy results.

Yard work had to happen as well, but I didn't get the lawn mowed as it actually rained on Saturday night. I had no ambitions to mow on Sunday afternoon. None. But I did get some weeding done and some mulch relaid. Not much. Like I said, it was hot.

I ruined the pizza crust on Sunday night. I remembered to halve all the ingredients except the water. DOH. Although the pizza was edible, the crust stuck to the wax paper, which I used instead of parchment paper. DOH and double DOH. It was not my finest pizza hour.

I also made raisin bread for the first time. It could have been fluffier and it definitely needed more cinnamon, but it satisfied my lust for raisin bread.
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