Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Father's Day Weekend

Our usual Father's Day ritual is breakfast at the local diner. Yay, we sat at the counter and everything worked out for the best. We nipped in just before the restaurant got busy. Ten minutes later, people were standing and waiting for a table. We skipped the table, sitting at the counter instead as is our custom.

We skipped church to clean. My poor daughter's room was such a mess that she looked upon it in despair. She has trouble moving on her room when it's overwhelming. Somehow we got through the worst of that. Her room will need to be clean this week while her BFF cousin is staying with us.

In the afternoon, we went over Connie and Santo's house for an early summer pool party with the rest of church. This is a well beloved potluck, doubly so because we'll be losing two families to travel. One family is heading to Africa for a few years, while another is living in Korea for six months.

To further celebrate Father's Day, my daughter wanted to assemble a Lego set together, so we picked up a Minecraft set that had both Alex and Steve, the Desesrt Outpost. She helped for a while, but then got into playing with the characters too much, so I was left to finish the outpost.

Falling back in time, Saturday was our first swim meet of the season. DesignGirl placed okay, but nothing special.

We also had Aggie over for the day, and much fun was had between her and my daughter.

Our blueberry bushes are now producing. We're getting a handful of blueberries off of them every few days. You can't get fresher than that. (Well, I suppose that you could eat them directly off the bush, but that's pushing fresh just a little too far for comfort.)
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