Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Steampunk Dinos

For my birthday, my wife made me Steampunk Dino cupcakes. They were AWESOME. One had a monacle and the other one had a top hat.

The joke comes from a song that I would sing to my daughter when she was tiny. She squealed, and we began calling her Pterodactyl Girl. Thus, I made up a song. Jenny used that song to make two steampunk dinos and a Pterodactyl Girl. Too cool. I am still so completely charmed.

Pterodactyl girl
Fliest through the skies
Fighting steampunk dinos
With her Laser Eyes

Pterodactyl Girl! Caw!
Pterodactyl Girl! Caw!

With her friends
Birdie and Bats
She fight Captain Claw
And the Pirate Cats

Pterodactyl Girl! Caw!
Pterodactyl Girl! Caw!

In day she is a
Delivery Girl
But at night
She saves the World

Pterodactyl Girl! Caw!
Pterodactyl Girl! Caw!
Tags: family

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