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West River

This weekend was our annual Dumbarton retreat to West River.

Notable this year were the girls all getting far more leeway. They ran about like elephants on Friday night, keeping folks up. During the day, the proved rebellious in the heat. They knew that we didn't have fangs. They wandered the grounds more. I wanted to give them even more wandering rights, because I didn't really care. At that age, I was wandering everywhere and I think that they should have the same privilege.

We had some rain on Friday evening, with an overcast morning. The weather cleared up for the afternoon, then clouded up in the evening. Overnight it rained, giving us an overcast Sunday morning. More rain threatened but never arrived.

The rain on Sunday morning made me sad as I rather enjoy our outdoor Sunday service next to the river. It's the only service where I get to lay in the grass and enjoy the usually wonderful weather.

I expected to accomplish things during my downtime, but mostly I accomplished napping.