Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Bake In

Saturday was laundry and baking. I made apple muffins for breakfast, a loaf of bread, and a set of chocolate muffins for pot luck. I made the chocolate muffins smaller than usual, but left them too long in the oven, so they turned out a bit dry.

The pot luck was a graduation/sendoff for our church's children minster, Yvonne A. She'll be heading off to Africa to do good stuff.

For mother's day, Jenny wanted to show us the "Wonder" exhibit at the Renwick gallery. After an epic waiting in line (a block and a half long), we got into the show. The first floor went easy enough, but floor 2 had yet another line inside of equally absurd length, so we poked our heads into side doors to see those installations.

For dinner, I took Jenny to the Vegetable Garden, a Chinese vegetarian/vegan restaurant. Very fun, and this was the only time I've ever seen the restaurant fill to capacity. We got in 15 minutes before every table was filled.

For her song this year, I adapted Bruce Springstein's "Glory Days" into "Story Days." It will needs a little rewriting, but I presented it to her unfinished because I was sure that my earworm would rub off onto her.

I slept a little better this weekend. One of my sleeps went pretty solid. My great sleep disturbance seems to be ebbing. Yay. I need this sleep to write well.

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