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Da Wet Basement

The basement got all soaked again. I am amazed at how much water there is. I have no idea where all of it is coming from I have two theories:

1) It's seeping up from all the groundwater

2) It's seeping in through the walls from all the groundwater, then following the studs around the basement

3) It's coming in from clogged gutters.

I took care of the gutters already. They WERE clogged. However, that doesn't explain all the water yet. I should have gotten flooded a few days ago when the REAL rain came down.

So now, do I want to:

1) Replace gutters (@$800)
2) Replace gutters and siding (@$8,000 + surprises)
3) Put in a sump pump in the basement for groundwater (@$?????)

Damn, still have to gut the basement.

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