Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


The in-laws are with us again starting on Friday. So while they're camped in my office, I'm doing my best to work around the situation. I launched my new book off my laptop, having pre-loaded the cover onto Amazon.

Being the 4th book in a poorly moving series, the last book went up to no acclaim. My current plan is to insert the compilation into Kindle Unlimited, then advertise the heck out of that. I'll take the separate books and sell them wide.

This weekend's loaf of bread came out very well. I'm finally getting kneading down. You'd think it was easy, and it is, but the little details keep mattering. This weekend's loaf baked with a great top and a beautiful sound when I patted it. She was a real looker.

A big chunk of Saturday was sucked down by taking my daughter to a birthday party.

On Sunday church had a game night, so no much happened on Sunday besides church and game night.

The in-laws will be around until Wednesday or so, and then I'll have my office back again.

Meanwhile, I've been sleeping badly. I think that some of it is my arm healing up, some of it is publication angst combined with Kboards induced publication angst, and some of it was having my brain too spun up over the last few weeks. I'll be very happy when I settle out of this. This angst is a reason that I don't like the marketing part of indie publishing. As of now, I've spent $100 this year on covers while I grossed only $90 last year. Meanwhile, more sales have not been forthcoming. Hopefully this time around, advertising will actually work to get me sales. In the meantime, I wake too oddly, damn it.

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