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The Phoenix and The Swan (Swan Song #4)

Astrea 4 Cover 2.jpgI am pleased to announce The Phoenix and The Swan, the conclusion of the Swan Song series.

This is the last stand of Targa Tik. She who lived by the sword will die by it. Exiled from Astrea, Targa seeks to atone for her former life by bringing good into this world. By fair means or foul, she vows to find the Silver Lord, a powerful god that championed the common man. Yet even as Targa seeks to leave her past, the curse of her sword weighs upon her, pointing her to one last, unwinnable battle.

Set in the Endhaven universe, The Phoenix and The Swan concludes the Swan Song series, a wuxia inspired sword and sorcery fantasy, featuring fast pacing, deadly politics, and personal betrayals.

I had a blast writing this and I hope that you have a blast reading it.