Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Cat Adventure

The cat didn't show up for breakfast yesterday morning. That was odd, as he's usually early for breakfast, but not unheard of. (If he dines out, he doesn't necessarily come home.) When he didn't show up by the time to leave for work, we knew that something was up.

Jenny scouted about for him to no avail. She looked inside all the nearby bushes for a hurt cat. She made phone calls. She made flyers. She handed a flyer to the mailman, which turned out to be a good things, as the mailman spotted the little dude on top of a house.

I don't know how our genius cat got up there, but his genius didn't work so good getting him down. She found him after 2pm, and needing a bit of help, called our old neighbors, Allen and Tina. They came around, fetched our ladder, and Jenny was able to pluck him off the roof.

Now Squirrel is back to his usual self.

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