Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Easter began on Friday night with dinner out in Cleveland Park. We visited with Jen's family (Dad and Sally, Ryan, Mark and Izzy). A good time and Tai food was had by all.

On Saturday, Jen prepared for the family coming over while simultaneously preparing to run the vigil service on Saturday night, while simultaneously getting DesignGirl ready for her adventure camp over spring break. Meanwhile, I did some dishes, the laundry, washed the floor, and some general cleaning.

I made some congee for lunch on Saturday, which came out very satisfactory. That's another simple food that I can add to my list.

I've seen one new sale due to my new covers. Yay. Otherwise, I am saddened by their lack of success. These covers are gorgeous. Just how tough can this Amazon market be? Merciless, by my estimation. I went wide again with my first series. I'll see if they get any more attention out in smaller markets.

On Sunday was Easter. DesignGirl got the next Amulet book in her Easter Basket, along with more than enough candy. We had Jen's family over again after church, feeding them good food. Jenny made really nice mushroom tarts and some tasty salmon. Dessert was a flourless chocolate cake. Entertainment included a rousing game of Slamwich, with Mark defeating DesignGirl. Meanwhile, I did four rounds of dishes over the course of the day.

Finally, my mending shoulder has begun aching and hurting randomly, presumably because it's mending, under-used muscles are getting uses again, and nerves and knitting back together. Ow, people. Just, OW!

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