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Plague House

Well, the house kept being a plague house the whole weekend. My wife came home and got sick, too. I had a headache for most of the weekend. My daughter perked up. Good for her.

My mother-in-law and Ed came down on Friday, confident that things wouldn't be too bad (it was their choice), but by Sunday morning, decided that bugging out was the better part of valor. We gave them virtual hugs and kisses, sending them on their way home. If they were going to get sick, it was going to be at home. (Good for them.)

On Sunday afternoon, we pulled out Jenny's birthday puzzle and began assembly. The border is (except for one piece), so the interior comes next. These modern jigsaw puzzles are nice. The pieces fit tight and have a good thickness to them.

I continue telling reverse-gender Star Wars stories to my daughter. (The long run of the goblin witchdoctor stories is now over. *sigh*. I really loved that goblin.) In this weekend's brilliance, Luke went into a department store looking for ice cream, but being a department store, they didn't have any, and on that hung a rather ridiculous adventure.

I made a rather good home-made version of canned chicken noodle soup. That my sound like nonsense, but that's what I wanted for a rainy Sunday, and what Jenny needed, because comfort food means comfort. And oh yeah, talk about comfy. I did a very credible job for an ad-hoc creation.