Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

New Monitor

My new monitor came in over the weekend. I picked up a 27-inch full HD monitor for $180. The monitor was cheap, but many people had bought (well over 1,000), so I let the crowd lead me along. So far, it looks mighty good. My previous monitor had been 24-inch semi-HD IPS (used), so it had served mighty well for four years. I have no complaints.

Meanwhile, movie nights are still celebrated in bed with a laptop. So much for technology?

My daughter wanted the old monitor so that she could have two, but she doesn't have any room on her desk. Honestly, she has the better of the two monitors.

I rotated out my Mitsubishi monitor (2003). I bought it to relieve my eye strain from my jittery tube monitor while playing Star Wars Galaxies. It served me many years and will continue to serve as my repair monitor.

Thirteen freaking years. Monitors are just so good these days.

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