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For the most part, the weekend was just another weekend. For other parts, it wasn't.

I gave Jenny Sunday morning off. I took DesignGirl to church and she stayed home. That made her happy. The odd thing is that sending her off to church is what usually does her.

For Valentines Day, we went to our church pot luck, which was a far better Valentine's dinner than any restaurant, cozier, and far more relaxed. The kids played in one room and we talked in another. We even had a "secret valentine", where our hostess picked names out of a hat, and you brought a card to your person. That proved such good fun that I'm sure we'll see it next year.

Snow came through yesterday. It was a pretty normal snow. I spent a stunning long time at the computer gaming. I recently purchased the Lego Movie game. This one didn't crash at all, which made me happy.

I also played to much Elder Scrolls Online. My mission yesterday was hunting down skyshards which I had missed along the way. I needed those skill points. Meanwhile, my daughter has been playing, learning how to get around the starting area. She likes gathering crafting supplies, making clothing, and dying the clothing various colors.

Meanwhile in politics, a Supreme Court justice passed away. Scalia's passing is like a mad bomber running into the presidential race. Talk about a game changer.