Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend Wedding

The big event this weekend was my cousin Rachael's wedding. (You'll forgive me if I don't remember her husband's name. Yes, that's bad of me.) The wedding was held up in a Catholic church in Ellicott City, while the reception was in Savage Mill.

We left DesignGirl on an all-day playdate and headed up to Ellicott City. I thought that I could exit on 103, but I was wrong. I wound up exiting on 40, then trying to find my way south to 103. On the way, we passed through old town Ellicott City, which I hadn't visited since the early 90s. It looks the same, of course, but I never knew it well enough to tell you what had changed. We did eventually make the wedding, only a little late.

The Catholic service was a Catholic service. I hadn't seen one in a decade, and they now seem so odd compared to Methodist. The service felt empty, which is the reason that I stopped going to church. It felt like faith codified to a firm formula, and in that codification, losing everything that it tried to codify. Of note, when communion came around, none of my siblings went to communion. I looked to them as a cue for what I should do. I had not expected that none would stand for communion.

The reception went well. The reception room in Savage Mill is really a nice space. We fled when the DJ turned up the music too loud. Otherwise, it went as routinely as most receptions do. I did like their dessert table, where various family members had brought desserts for the table. That worked so well that I'm stealing the idea for my next wedding.

One thing that I did become aware of was that most people in the room had gotten married, so they knew how to benchmark the prices of everything. So now I understand why weddings are all about social PVP (player vs. player). Everybody knows.

Sunday wound up as a laundry day. As our church is in Georgetown, we firmly believed there were be abysmal parking. DesignGirl had an all-day play date with our old next-door-neighbor girl. I washed and gamed. They mostly took care of themselves.

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