Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Traffic after Snowzilla

The traffic around here continues to be sucky. The reason is that the main artery roads, such as 355, haven't gotten cleaned up. Once they were plowed on Monday, they stayed the way that they were improperly plowed. As a result, these main roads have produced horrible backup.

Even while cleanup is happening, the number of people going to work has increased steadily while the roads haven't. This has made traffic worse and worse over the last few days.

Worst, because snow has piled up in the side lanes, as the snow melts, the side lanes don't. They're going to be like that until some vehicle comes along to push them aside. Even a good rain won't get them melted quickly.

Why haven't the traffic people prioritized the main arteries? I have no idea.

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