Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


We survived Snowzilla in grand fashion. All that we really needed to do was shovel, shovel, and shovel.

I am sad to announce the near demise of Shovel. Shovel has been three major blizzards, being a veteran of Snowpocalypse, Snowmageddon, and the most recent Snowzilla. During the course of its duties, it cracked down the center and near the handle. Shovel is survived by its friend, the Square Tipped Coal Shovel, who despite his geriatric age, and even more brutal duties, continues to break ice.

I parked my car off to the side for the snow, but what I should have done was to back the car in behind my wife's car. That would have cut down on shoveling. As it was, I had to shovel out a huge swath to back my car over to the driveway. I correctly predicted that the snow plows would come in a make a mess of things, which they did. On balance, they did more good than harm, but they still made a mess. By moving the car, I gave them a big blank area to move the mess into, greatly improving our own fortunes. Jenny pitched in as well, meaning that we moved a lot of snow.

Of the people who shoveled snow, we all stopped at digging out our cars. We all know about the snow plows, and their random havok, so why work against fate?

I haven't shoveled all our sidewalks yet.

Our new game for the snow-holiday (snowliday?) was Mhing, a game I hadn't played since the 90's. My daughter and my wife absolutely enjoyed the game, and we look forward to introducing more friends to it. Mhing is one of those games that easy to learn, although that does take a bit of time, but it's the scoring game that makes it quite interesting as you're always balancing opportunity vs. scoring. For your first five "credits" the scoring is 2^Credit, meaning that playing for credits hugely rewards you over playing for opportunity.

I was video gamed out by Saturday night, so on Sunday and Monday, I worked for finish painting the plaster village church that I had begun painting two Christmases before. I also had several other ornaments. I finished the Santa ornament as well, while DesignGirl, my daughter, finished the snow woman. I was gobsmacked by my daughter's design choices. Two years ago, she was a mess with plaster. Now she producing imperfections that look terrific. (There's a reason that I've nicknamed her DesignGirl.)

We made challah for french toast. That worked so well that I made an additional loaf of egg bread. Oh-mi-gawd fresh bread.

I couldn't make it into work on Monday. The metro was down. The buses were down. My 4WD car couldn't get out of the area. My old Subaru may have been able to get out, but not my Ford 500.

I also took time to finish watching Season 5 of My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic. I was rather pleased and entertained by the scripts. This season met my expectations far better than Season 4 had. The back half of the season didn't came in stronger than the first half.

The cat is bored, but has suffered valiantly with the snow. He looked at me when he saw all that snow, didn't try to blame me at all, and just gave a resigned sigh. "This again." This cat had seen both Snowmageddon and Snowpacalypse. He knew the routine.

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