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This was both a weekend of accomplishment and of nothing.

Rather than go to dinner, DesignGirl wanted to play Clue with the actual rules. So on Friday night, we played Clue. On Saturday night, we played Talisman 3rd edition (circa 2003).

Dinner was relocated to Saturday lunch dim sum at the Silver Fountain. After lunch, Christi and her brood came over for play.

Jenny continued her quest to straightened up the play room (which was pretty epically not straight). I cut down some shelves for her, but she pretty much did the rest. On Monday, we sorted through the mound of STUFF(tm) that had accumulated. Much was thrown away, sorted, and resorted. Now, we have a usable room again.

Much of the issue with the play room is that it acts as the play room, the craft room, and part of the kitchen, which means that putting everything away is all sort of a trick, and adding something to it was even worse.

I continued straightening my tool area. That paid off as I had shelves to cut down for Jenny and I didn't risk death or dismemberment to do so.

In there, I busily read Lord Foul's Bane, often with a cat on my lap.

I gamed as well. I kept Lego Star Wars II stable enough to play through all the story segments, meaning that I know how to play through all of them with my daughter. I also spent too much time on Elder Scrolls Online.