Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Science Fair 160 in 1 Project Kit

I don't know why this particular toy returned to me lately, but it did. So, I went searching about, and I found this image:

I think that I asked for one of these things in the 6th grade. Radio Shack had a great catalog back then, including fascinating things like this. I imagined myself wiring together circuits, and soon afterwards, designing my own. I'm pretty sure that this kit fits the time period as my, like this kit's, had an LED.

Not to surprise you, but like many kids of that age, my intentions did not match my experience. I used the little enclosed wires to connect some springs together, making some sounds and hooking some things together just as the enclosed experiment book said, but beyond that, I did not make of this kit what I could have. That's entirely aside from getting your wiring to actually work, because somewhere along the way, I attached a connection poorly. The drawings were all detailed and there were all these wires to hook up to make anything work. It all seemed so much. I did not show the patience to get through even the medium difficulty projects, let alone work out the principles of electronics.

Yeah, ADHD, I'm looking at you.

I'm afraid my kit sat in the closet a great deal, just like many other kits.

I remember the wood. It was cheap stuff, very light, but effective at its job. I also recall that I had that side slot to store my parts.

I doubt that my kit even reached high school. Like so many things, I have no idea what became of it, other than it went out the door sometime or another.
Tags: 1970s, childhood

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