Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Christmas Wrap

Christmas is now done.

We traveled up to Jen's mom for the last Christmas of the season. Mom and Ed are getting along in a more limited capacity. Mom can't do as many things because of her back, and Ed can't do as many things as well. We ate out for every dinner, which was a huge change from previous visits.

As is tradition, DesignGirl and I skipped rocks in the stream behind grandma's suburban house.

The drive up went relatively well. I was convinced that 95 would be horrible, so we went through Pennsylvania, where some of those roads looked crowded. If Penn. was that bad, what must 95 be like? Ick. Coming back, most of the drive went well, but traffic was still heavy almost a week after Christmas.

Among my presents was a new puffer vest for winter. I've been needing another layer of insulation. I don't like the feel of the material, but it is keeping me another layer of warm. It's "good" to 32 degrees, which is far better than my current inner layer.

I also have a new pair of shoes. Now I need to get used to them.

I'm getting my girl into Lego Star Wars. We're having some fun, but we'll have a lot more fun once I get in two Logitech USB game pads (on sale). Lego games play far more fun together. I find this version of the Lego games rather irksome. Some puzzles are fun, but I'm often left totally lost by what the game expects. By lost, I mean clueless beyond belief and frustrated. Add on random crashes, and I'm often cursing the game to just "let me finish the level" so I don't have to start over again. This isn't me showing my ideal composure. Hopefully, the game pads will make play far easier.

With the intractable rainy weather finally over, I got outside to saw the last few parts of Jenny's spice cabinets. The first layer of trim went on nicely. The second layer of trim was a disaster and I had to start over. 1/8in was too thin for this wood, with every brad splitting the board. The saw split the board. The nails pushed the cabinet into the wall. The board couldn't be glued. The whole thing was a disaster, so I found some additional wood, salvaged from the basement's old walls, and hope to make the second layer of trim work well and color matches acceptably.

Jenny's now into reorganizing the play/craft room (which is mainly a store room). That's an epic project. She needed a way to put casters on the table legs, so I fashioned adapters out of MDF and bolted them onto the existing leg bottoms. They worked well. Go me.

We put the tree away yesterday. Now I need to stain some raw pine shelving which will go where the tree sat. We're moving the board games upstairs from the basement. Hopefully more games will get played.

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