Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Christmas and Then Some

Christmas went well with us. Christmas eve began with viewing the gingerbread houses at the NIH. One again, the houses were amazing to look at. Some were so-so, but there were always more that were damned clever.

For Christmas Eve services, we repeated the Christmas pageant from last Sunday.

The weather for Christmas eve was just weird. We broke records for how warm the day was. When we got down to Georgetown on Christmas Eve, I was expecting the area to be abandoned, as it usually was, but instead, there were many people out on the streets and at the restaurants. Georgetown was jumping. That was weird, too.

After church, we had Mardi, Alberto, and Marissa over for dinner. Jenny made this big pot of meat and beans and ribs. Oh, yeah, it was good.

DesignGirl got a hand-made Hiccup and Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon, along with a big commissioned Toothless. Jenny worked very hard on that project. Meanwhile, I still don't have Jenny's spice cabinet done. I need to put the trim around it, but between busy weekends and rainy weekends, I haven't been able to get the saw out.

The girls found my a nice pile of fantasy books from the 70's. I hadn't read any of them, and a few were on my project list for reading. My brother-in-law also gave us a book of SF short stories from this year. I've been looking at short story writing, so that will be helpful for learning the modern art of the genre.

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