Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Writing Year in Review

Here's my writing year in review.

Books Completed:

  • The Wind Before the Storm

  • A Crown of Silver Stars

Books Drafted:

  • The Phoenix and the Swan

  • Double Jack (third year running)


  • A retro-future SF story

  • A test write of a horror-fantasy story

  • A test write of a post-steampunk detective story

  • A partial novelization of King Lear

While I've greatly increased my writing speed, the process is still taking longer than I prefer. Jenny and I have been working on ways to bring the editing speed up. We'll be going fully electronic, I'll be doing more of the dumb lifting, and she should be able to crank along faster.

My goal this year was to get three books completed. I was close. If I can get the editing pipeline working better with the drafting and revising pipeline, I should be able to reach three books a year. However, I don't think that's sustainable at this point. I think that two per year will work out better, with the occasional third popping out.

My understanding is that the indie market rewards more frequent publishing, but I just don't have the infrastructure in the place to sustain that, nor the desire. I've worked on speed and the payoff has been grand, but now I need to work on something else. I already know that Swan Song, the final stand of Targa Tik, will be a behemoth. It will be the most ambitious thing that I've written so far. I just don't see how I'll do it justice in 60-70k words.

  • Moving to DreamWidth

    For those heading to DreamWidth, I've created an account. I'm dmilewski.

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