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Near Accidents

I swear, the last few days seem like they've been nothing but close calls on accidents. In all cases, I wasn't doing anything special, and in most cases, I was going straight. I'll be damned if one or two people were all over the road. In one instance, I almost got t-boned turning right because of someone doing a u-turn lickety split.

Sheesh. Some days I just want to telecommute permanently.

When Jenny and I went downtown over the weekend, I was pleased as punch to have her in the car. I kept missing signs. I don't think that I spotted a single sign the whole outing. I just couldn't spot them. My brain just wasn't picking up on them. Once I saw them, I saw them, but not before she pointed them out to me. That was also another day where simple driving maneuvers proved futile. I tried to drift right as the nearest car was twenty yards behind me. I got beeped at because the other car had sped up to 20 mph over the speed limit and already closed the distance. Sheesh!