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I had a quiet and productive Sunday. Saturday, too, for that matter.

On Saturday, I took some stuff up to the transfer station and threw it out. I spent much of the remaining day doing nothin but playing Xenosaga. There's a poker game in the subgames. I was playing poker to raise cash.

Sunday was a tad more productive. I have these milk crate bookshelves that were teetering a bit oddly, so I cut up some brown board to even it out. I cleaned up the living room. This included vacuuming, by God. I finally sorted out my papers from the last few years, putting them away. The full up recyling got sorted through and taken out. The cordless weed-wacker got used some more. The bed got the summer quilt on it. Even the bedroom got a little cleaned up.

Now I only have to finish cleaning the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. *sigh*

I have big, black ants again this year. They are exploring the kitchen again. Where do they come from?

I've been listening to new purchases. I have really been liking the 6ths and the Future Bible Heroes. They folks in common with the Magnetic Fields, who I am also awfully fond of. These are Stephin Merritt projects. I do like his songs. Of particular note is the "I'm a Vampire" song. "Cause I'm impossibly glam." LOL.

Okay. Enough. Time for bed.

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